Increased demand for our Wirral Gardeners is keeping us nice and busy this April but we can still cater for more customers as part of our ongoing expansion and staff recrutiment program. So get in touch today if you need a Wirral gardener to help get your garden ready for the coming Wirral summer.

A rainy spell and then cold snap this weekend have made for some unseasonal conditions but the grass growth rate is increasing and as we enter May and June this will increase further. So get in touch with Fallen Leaves Wirral gardeners to keep your garden under control and looking great.

Don’t forget we also have a Wirral Tree Surgeon and Landscaping service together with all the usual garden craft and tasks.On a recent tree job we carried out the following : Conifer topped, Acacia and Euc removed. Alder pollarded. 5 Silver birch and cherry pruned.

Some photo highlights from our gardeners on the wirral, incuding:

Stanley road B&B a valued customer for four years. Great views of north wales and Royal Liverpool golf course. Two small garden clearances Meols parade and mill lane Irby. Paving as part of our landscaping work and Fallen Leaves at Fairways. Wirral Tree Surgery in Castlegrange Close.

We have had some perfect spring days that really showpiece how good a well looked after garden can look. We’re sure that as the season continues we can provide great quality and value service whatever the weather.


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