May You Always Enjoy Your Wirral Garden

Well at last some lovely balmy weather arrived in Wirral gardens at the weekend.

The pleasant temperatures to start May made a nice change to the inclement weather of a week ago and coincided with the start of the busiest time of year for Fallen Leaves Wirral Gardeners. But don’t worry we have plenty of staff to take care of general garden work, tree work of any size and landscaping.

Call us today to keep your garden under control as the increasing growth rate of all plant life speeds up rapidly with the change in climate. Get your garden BBQ ready…. !

The landscaping side of the business introduced this year is going well and our continued expansion of garden maintenance and tree work moves forward.


As well as a team of experienced gardeners for large contracts and regular gardens, we have staff with rounds specifically designed to service gardens of smaller area. This is carried out to a high standard providing great value service.

With the rest of the summer to look forward to in your Wirral Garden now is a great time for a redesign or to employ a regular gardener to help keep things the way you want them.

If you’re in any doubt about what we do please have a look through our website – photos, reviews and articles – which should give you a good idea what we’re about but please call if you have any specific questions.

We specialise in providing high quality, great value maintenance for your Wirral Garden. We enjoy our busy summer months and love to see our valued customers enjoying their gardens.

We’ve got some action shots from our Wirral gardeners, tree surgeon and landscapers taken over the last month in the gallery below.

Have a great summer from all at Fallen Leaves.

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