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Looking for a Wirral Tree Surgeon? Our Tree work is undertaken by a qualified arborist – all work carried out is to BS3998 British standards.

All our work is undertaken with great care to cause minimum disruption to the property and environment. We will leave the property as we find it – minus the required removal.


Please ask our Wirral Tree Surgeon if you need any information or advice – use the contact form  or call 07787243310.

All our work is undertaken with great care to cause minimum disruption to the property and environment. We will leave the property as we find it – minus the required removal.

Pruning, thinning, topping, pollarding, crown reductions and felling. Removal of all brash/messings/timber or arisings.

Our Wirral tree surgeon works anywhere on the Wirral but will travel to Chester or North Wales.

Email using our form or telephone 07787243310.Open 7 days a week

For further information/advice on tree surgery please read on….

Wirral Tree Surgeon

Fallen Leaves Tree Surgeon

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Tree felling is a last resort to protect the environment but if roots are becoming a problem within your land or property and causing subsidence or the tree is particularly deceased or decaying sometimes this is the only option. Felling options can also depend on location. We also provide a stump grinding service.

Pruning is a better option but as tree surgeons with a lot of experience we know pruning is better dealt with as an ongoing process rather than hard pruning which can cause the tree to go into shock, remember we are dealing with living Species, hard pruning will cause an abundance of regrowth actually creating more leaves the following year. For example silver birch do not like hard pruning and work must be carried out before the Sap has risen to avoid shock or possible death to the tree. Avoid going too Late in to winter or early spring as it’s too late for the silver birch ( Betula Pendula ) to be heavily pruned.

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Tree Surgery on the Wirral

Pollarding again isn’t a process we would suggest unless you don’t want much growth to resurface. Here at Fallen Leaves we can take out limbs and ‘leaders’ or even remove growth around telephone lines but we would always try to prune to pruning points again being sympathetic to promote healthy regrowth of whichever species we are dealing with, the tree always comes first here and we don’t want to dismantle a tree just for money purposes, we believe in the restoration and protection of the environment and trees are extremely important to the land and environment.

We will listen to what your needs and requirements are as it’s your tree and your garden, not ours ! We have excellent friendly professional staff who will always take the time to make sure we meet your expectations and to create an environment with which you are happy with and leave you with exactly what you want.

Wirral Tree Work

Tidying Up Our Tree Work

Street trees/landscape or amenity trees require a level of maintenance to be sure of their integrity and aesthetic appreciation. Common reasons for pruning include removing dead wood, reducing risk, pruning to increase light and air within the crown, also aiding understory growth.

Mature trees should mostly be pruned for corrective or preventative measures. Pruning to remove diseased or dead limbs can be carried out throughout the year (to British standards 3998) although best before spring growth flush. Topping trees is not recommended, branches should be pruned back to a lateral point large enough to assume a terminal role.


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Wirral Tree Surgeon

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